Welcome to Pokémon d.RedEdit

Welcome, new trainer, to the land of Kielo!

Seek out fame, fun and friendship in this newly-colonized region, with over 150 Pokémon to catch and raise – many of them with unique Kielo forms that can't be found anywhere else. Battle eight challenging Gyms, explore ancient ruins and caves, and take on a variety of thrilling challenges as you set out on an adventure of a lifetime! Oh, and be sure to watch out for that dastardly Team Rocket along the way!

And remember, whatever horrors may have led you to this place, it's over now. You are safe here. You don't have to be afraid anymore.

(Be sure to check out the Features page first!)

Downloads Edit

First Public Demo: [1] (Features four towns and three gyms.)

About the gameEdit

d.Red is a Pokémon fangame, currently under construction, made by Nonagon. It was made using RPG Maker XP and Pokémon Essentials, and features original art by PheonixStarr and an original soundtrack by Doccular. (Or, y'know, it will at some point.) Additional scripts by FL, KlienStudio, and Lucidious89.

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Reviews, requests, and thoughts of any kind can be sent to

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